Thursday, 28 September 2017


Midnight Mayhem 
You know when your heart stops for a millisecond 
and then… crash! 

It was just another day at camp the sun was shining 
and me and my class were having loads of fun and 
doing lots of fun activities. 

Its getting dark. We all go out onto the field at camp with our torches flicked on and shining at each other's faces. Then Kiri turns off her light to signal that the game of spotlight has begun, and that's when the mayhem begins and also when I think... HELP!

It's really dark now obstacles, chairs and bushes fill the pitch black field blocking the way of me and my scared class. Some of the kids in my class SCREAM as the teachers help the other wounded children. Some of the REALLY wounded children cry their eyes out, and I think to myself I HAVE to be careful otherwise I will end up like the OTHER spotlight victims.

There was a HUGE tree it was a good place for hiding but was getting very crowded so some people tried to rush over to the wooden planks on the sides of the playground but they were spotted by some of the adults on the playground. Some children were lucky unlike me.

I'm thinking so much about being careful and about the other kids that I'm not focused on the game and then “crash” I trip it all happened so fast then I hear a “thud” I've fallen onto the hard gravel and I get a fright. I cry as I see the blood dripping from my stinging knee. My leggings are shredded to pieces and it looked like I had been shot in the knee my friends come over to help me.

Then I think to myself I have betrayed myself once again.

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