Thursday, 28 September 2017


Sculpture Reflection
Over this term we've been making sculptures 
using recycled things and random things that 
are just lying around to make found art.
Found art is as I said before random stuff 
that once was a new bought things that 
are now old and not usable to make found art.

I made a glittery party night light robot made out of
old toilet roll for the body ,paint and glitter to make 
the light stand out,paper hat for decoration,fabric 
for a cape,spare lego for a magic staff,mini light 
for party mode,pipe cleaners for the arms and a 
little thing I found lost in my room for a hand.

My inspiration was a tin robot soldier and a tin 
man holding a coffee cup.

Something that went well for me was that 
the glitter the white paint and the light made 
it stand out really well ( big thanks to Mrs McCabe )

If I did this again one day I would not rush it 
as much because I finished way earlier than 
everybody else and I would also paper mache
the toilet roll first before I paint it so that it is 
thicker and stronger. 

This is my sculpture.
My mum called it Frankenstein's Bride. 

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