Monday, 5 June 2017


The forgotten sock 20/5/17

Once I was a shiny pearl white with a best buddy but now I am smudged with grey also I am ripped and my buddy well her dog demolished him.

I see another pair of me and my buddy but new shiny and as white as a pearl come out of the bag I wish them good luck and hope I will see them lying there with me ripped and smudged on the cold damp floor.

She doesn't notice me for weeks lying there the forgotten and useless little sock she used to wear and cherish.

I've got a little story for you about the way it used to be before now when I was loved back when I was that new exciting shiny white pearl colour and this is how it starts.
Everything was fine I guess it was all ok the reason everything was ok well it was like that because I was pearl white and I always had the buddy right next to me on that one shelf I called home I was a little bit dusty but that was ok but as days past weeks even all my other friend buddy's were getting stolen taken kidnapped even everyone was disappearing day by day week by week they were getting stolen at night when I was asleep

As I lie there on the cold damp floor forgotten and useless I think of the wonderful adventures I could have had.

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  1. Megan,I really like how at the beginning you wrote Shiny pearl white because it is a great description of the sock when it was shiny and it gives it great impact instead of it wa white sock. good job Megan I hope you continue with your great writing