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Week 4 science blog 

So far this term we have done tug a war , catapults 
balloon flying , ping pong ramps , chair pulley 
and basket ball bouncing for science.
I found out that if you tape up the pom-poms 
they fly further and better for the catapults.
I wonder how the air makes makes the balloon zoom faster.

Week 5  science blog 

This week we have done a various amount
of things but I have done ping pong ramps 
and this is what I wonder and found out about it after 
my learning of ping pong ramps.

I found out that the ping  pong ball will go 
either faster or slower if you use friction because
if you use a different material to roll it down on 
it will go faster or slower. 
Now I wonder what different types of 
materials will make it go faster or slower.

I also found out that you use force when
you push the ball down the ramp  
because if you just let it sit there it won't roll
down the ramp.
Now after my learning I wonder what  different
types of ways we can use to make it roll down the ramp 
without pushing it  down.

Also this term I have wanted to know if you can make it 
roll down the ramp in many different ways 
the reason I have wanted to know this is because 
it usually just goes down the same old way… down.
Now I wonder what different materials will help it go 
down the ramp in many different ways and many different angles.

Overall the ramp Pippa and I made worked pretty well.

Week 6 science blog 

This week I got to choose between 
3 push and pull activities this week.
They were basketball bouncing, ping pong ramps
and chair pulleys.
I chose to do ping pong ramps because I was wondering 
lots about the different angles and different ways 
I could do it and it was fun 
and interesting.
I made my ramp in the rm 12 end  in the 
kitchen by myself so that I didn't get distracted from 
my task easily.
I used rulers books containers and other 
little materials.

On my first test run the ping pong ball just
stayed in one place when I pushed it 
and so then I thought  that what if there's 
a different way to push it down the 
ramp without 
touching it so I got  three domino pieces and 
one orange log.
I put the log behind it one domino 
behind the orange log and one on each side of the 
ping pong  ball.
On the next test run I pushed the back domino
and it fell on the ping pong ball
and the ball went shooting down the rulers 
and into the basket.

After all that working now I wonder if  
force is actually  pushing it down.?

Week 7 science blog
Today for catapults we had to 
write down a distance chart.
What we had to do on our distance charts was
do eleven tests with one pom pom and on each test
we added one rubber band and shot it 
from our catapult and then measuring 
it and writing it down on our chart my 
longest one was four meters which was 
9/8 rubber bands.
After we've done all eleven tests 
with ten bands we have to do it all over 
again but with three cotton balls and 
starting with one rubber band so that means
that you only do ten tests.
Overall I think that my 
measuring  and catapulting went 
pretty well but I still need to do the rest of the 
test with three pom poms.

Week 7 science blog
Today for science we had the choice of either 
doing card board pulleys or golf course and
I  chose to  do a golf course out of the two.

I have found out that making a golf 
course for me is quite hard , because I 
couldn't think any ideas for my course , and 
I even had to get help for ideas for my course!

I wonder that if I had a plan for my course 
it would've be easier for me to build and if I 
could've done it better.

Overall after today I think I could've done better in my science.

Week 8 science blog
What is force?
Force is a word for push pull gravity and friction.
The difference between push and pull is that
push is your pushing something away from you
and pull is pulling something towards you.
Gravity is something that pins you down to 
the earth and if we didn't have gravity everything 
would just float out into space.
Friction either makes something go faster
or slower.

For example you use the force push
when you push someone on a swing
because you have to push them away
from you so that they can swing 
properly and you use the force 
pull when you play tug a war 
because you have to pull the 
rope towards you.

Forces make things accelerate.
The bigger the force, and the lighter
the object, the greater the acceleration.
An object that isn't being pushed or
pulled by a force either stays still or keeps
moving in a straight line.

To make it you will need
a rubber band, a paper clip,
tape a spoon and popsicle sticks.
First you need to tape seven popsicle 
sticks together as a flat surface,
then put the paper clip around the top of the
spoon, and then tape the top of the paper clip and 
a rubber band to the spoon, after that strap
the rubber band around the bottom of the 
popsicle platform that you made at the start
and then tape it there and tape the end of 
the spoon to the end of the popsicle platform
and finished.

I have found out from my grah that the
measurements from my one cotton ball
we're more steady than the three cotton ball
I have also found out that different
catapults can shoot the same distances
even if they’re completely different to
each other.
Another thing I have found out is
that the more rubber bands you have
on your cotton ball the more it bounces
and goes a less distance. 

I wonder what would've happened if I had changed it  
and what the effects would’ve been.

A next step for me is making it more stable because when I 
pull it back it starts to break.

Week 9/10 science blog
For the next couple of weeks for science 
we are going to be planning and creating 
either a miniature playground,balloon powered 
vehicle or a game and they all have to include force
and I have chosen a miniature playground.

Something that is going well for me is that 
I have a good plan and I have all the equipment 
I need to make it and it looks really cool so far.

A struggle for me is that the glue sticks for
the glue gun keep on running out very fast
which is really annoying because I think that so many
people are using it.
A way I could fix that is by bringing my own glue 
sticks so that they're only mine 
because I bought them with my money. 

I think I'm working pretty well 
because I'm not getting to distracted 
and I have most of the stuff I need

An improvement I'm working on is not using as 
much tape and glue, and using the hot glue gun 
more so that it sticks down properly, and it doesn't 
just look like I've just taped this and this together 
and done. And also putting lots of colour into it
because you don't just go to a playground and it 
looks all dull and boring.
I can fix this by painting it lots of different colours.

Now from here I'm going to be painting the 
swing,slide,climbing wall and flying fox.

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