Thursday, 24 November 2016


The great underwater adventure 
“Invisible time”! I shout as I'm swimming over to a  underwater secret cave …
“oh wait how  rude of me not to introduce myself I am gossipy  george and I am super evil
And I'm trying to help my boss complete his evil plan to blow up the  whole entire world wait a sec
I'm just going to take a photo with you and put it on instagram”
“I'm not supposed to tell you about my boss's secret plan so you have to keep it a secret ok let's get back to the  story”.
3 minutes later.
“Hey you get back here” “ahhhhhhhhhhh I thought you couldn't see meeeeee” 
“Phew I've lost them”  ring ring “hello” “you failed”! a dark voice whispers through the phone  “I know” 
“ Then Go back out there and do it again”!  “Ok ok why can't you ever do it yourself”? “go”! 
“Invisible time!… again” with a deep sigh I swim over to the secret cave “wait pause the scene ok so if you are wondering how I'm talking under water I have got a special underwater talking suit on”  
A few minutes later
“Ahhhhhh wait wait I just want to take  a selfie with the underwater police and send it to all my friends” click
“Back to the movie ok where was I”? “oh yeah ahhh”! ”Ok  maybe I'll just swim up to the surface  and then swim back down and”…”yes I got here without them seeing me ok all I have to do now is turn off all the power” switch
“nooooooo”! “Now I can't see”  click “ahhh that's better”
10 minutes later
“Yay!” “Woo hoo woo hoo oh yeah a ha yes I found it” beep “3,2,1” cabloom 
And that was the end of gossip George.

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