Tuesday, 22 November 2016


My new bike!
“Hello nan” I yell from the car window arriving at my nans after lunch.

As I jump out of the car I see something amazing “yay a new bike!”I scream in excitement 

I turn and give my nan and grandad a big hug “thank you”, “would you like to try it out?” my grandad asked, “yes please” I exclaimed

As I struggle onto the bike I think about freedom and adventure, then woosh I zoom of like a rocket.

I could smell the fresh lavender in the air
and I could see the clouds racing past me. 
I could feel the the cool breeze whooshing past my face.

Then suddenly I'm down on the ground covered in dirt. I had fallen of my bike and into my nans garden. 

“thank you” ,I tell my mum as she helps me up. 

After that I hop back onto my bike and I'm of again, but being a bit more careful and I continue to let my hair flow through the wind.

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  1. I love your writing well done at putting all the speech marks in the right place
    Well done