Monday, 5 September 2016


Stop Procrastinating!

Don't you think we are wasting so much time on little things, not just me but you?

Your time could be better spent because people waste time eating and stuffing their faces with food when they could be out exercising. Some adults waste time on Facebook instead of spending time with their kids and then they will go away and their parents will complain because they are sad they no longer have time to spend with their children.

Procrastination translates to wasting time. One time my sister had to do her reading and spelling and instead she played with her dolls and messed around so she had to stay home with our Nan and Grandad while Mum and I went out for dinner and she freaked out like a bull that saw red.

You miss out on all the fun stuff because you have to catch up. Once I had some homework and I set a time for my homework but instead I purposely wasted my time playing and watching tv so I missed out on a family movie later that night because I was doing my homework. Did you know you could be doing your homework instead of watching a screen in only 10 minutes. Instead of doing our work my friends and I talked most of the time and we could have used that time we were wasting doing our work in 10 minutes. We had to stay inside doing our work at lunch because we had wasted our learning time, so the teachers wasted ours. We were surprised and upset like Fear in the movie Inside Out.

Waiting at the McDonald's drive through is another experience where I have witnessed time wastage. This person in front of us started thinking about what they wanted at the last minute! Seriously dude. He was as slow as a very fat panda. Instead of standing in line for hours you could order your takeaways online and get on with stuff that's important.You know when your software update takes forever. Well instead of sitting around waiting for it to load, you could be either reading, writing or other things in less than a minute.

Wasting time is robbing oneself. It's not too late to make a change and make the world a more productive place.

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