Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Discovery time reflection 
Today at discovery time Pippa, Emily and I made different items for our dolls.
A strength I used was to keep on going and put lots of effort into it.
Emily made her doll work as a nurse and Pippa made a dress for her Lizzie hearts doll.
I also made some stickers and a plaster.
A struggle for me was cutting out the stickers. The sticky part behind it was sticking to my scissors. Overall I had to do about twelve stickers.
What I want to do next is to make a geoboard to make a piece of art.
I have learnt how to make mini plasters & stickers and it was hard!
I would like to make more doll stuff and maybe buy another doll.

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  1. Great job Megan I can really picture being there (probably because I was!!!) and those stickers rocked