Wednesday, 29 June 2016


I was in outer space for 39 earth months  you might think I am dead by now but I am still somewhere living my life.
Suddenly My spaceship crashed because I was on the phone and a Alain asteroid hit me I closed my eyes as I hit the ground.
The planet I crash landed on  had mean gummy bears that had spears we're going to trap me up .
I had to leave my spaceship because it was melting into the planet.
I walked halfway around the planet until I heard a big thump.
Until i saw it it was purple and black hairy and tall .
I ran into a blueberry bush but unfortunately there was a hole 
Until I found myself falling down a steep hole I closed my eyes suddenly I stopped a magic purple fluff ball put me in a giant bobble  and guided me out of the tunnel .
It took me to a waterfall behind it was a hidden city there were lots  of colourful fluff balls purple,pink,blue,green,red,orange and yellow .
And suddenly SURPRISE!  There were balloons strange cakes that floated in mid air we danced all night under the two yellow moons. then stomp, stomp ,stomp the the fluff ball king showed up I did a deal with him that if he fixed my ship and when I went home I would give him two thousand diamonds for two years .
As I left the planet I felt relieved to be  leaving and going home but also I was sad because I had made so many friends and now I was leaving them .

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