Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Spotlight drama!

Spotlight Drama !
Its getting dark. We all go out onto the field with our torches. Kiri turns off her light to signal that we can start the game of spotlight, and that's when the triage begins.

It's really dark now obstacles, chairs and bushes fill the pitch black field blocking the way  of scared children. Crazy children scream as Fiona helps wounded victims. The wounded children cry, and I think to myself I have to be careful otherwise I will end up like the other spotlight victims.

The big tree is a good place for hiding but it's getting very crowded so some people tried to rush over to the wooden end of the playground but they were spotted, but some children were lucky unlike me though.

I'm thinking so much about being careful that I'm not focused on the game and then “crash” I trip and I get a fright  as I see the blood dripping from my knee, I have betrayed myself  because I told myself to be careful .


  1. Just love it so descriptive just WOW!

  2. I love your title the frist 2 words gave a lot of detail
    I love the word you used my favourite word was "triage"
    I wonder what it means?
    Overall I think that you are a great writer

  3. I love your tile it really describes your story
    I also love the words you choose
    My fav word was triage because I am inseteristed in what it means��
    Good job ����